Ideas for mods or possible things ingame

i have been watching a few of the streams and sad that i was not there to watch them live but i have a few ideas
1: in this video Twitch they mentioned bringing back the dead and my first opinion is a necromancer (uses magic to steal the life from other and heal himself or herself and allys and summon the dead for his or her biding

also in the same video they mentioned a water pump/pipe system and because its mid-devil i was thinking before you get a engineer you can have a basic aquifer or aqueducts

2: i have an idea/question will there be a patrol system for your guards like a brush or ping tool to designate paths to patrol and give shifts\

i also want to know what the general public think about this thanks for reading

welcome aboard @minenine1255! fear not, you will have other opportunities to participate in future live streams… :smiley:

as to your question, i think the general consensus is that something along these lines will be available…