Idea to help with Idle workers issue

I had really hope’d that this update from you guys would have fixed the idle worker issue, however I found tonight after playing for about an hour my workers all went randomly idle for seemingly no reason, yet again.

Instead of trying to debug this by tracking down the issue with the pathing… Why don’t you guys add a cancel task option?

For example… if the pathing issue is causing people to go idle due to wanting to grab something or complete a task it cannot, then why not add a list of tasks? For example if there was a list with every order I’ve given to my men, I could then remove some of those incompleted tasks. Tasks that complete normally would be removed off the list, but tasks that didnt seem to ever finish would still be on the list, then removed manually by the player if its causing a problem.

I would also like to see some kind of option for preferences, for example instead of every worker trying to fill every task, why not have a preference tab on each unit that alows you to choose what they do and do not do? That way you can have your miners focus on mining and your gatherers focused on gathering the mined materals. Verse… how it is now… they all mine everything first… then they all gather the materals and move them.

I like the idea of the game, but to be honest the bugs that prevent me from playing and the constant crashes make me wish I had waited to buy this game instead of rushing out to buy what feels like a unplayable bug-fest. The way it is now, its unplayable, between the crashes and the bugs that stop all gameplay (with idle) this isnt a game but rather a program that needs to be fixed. A game is fun, you play it for the joy or amusement that it brings you… I have never made it past day 14-15 and I crash every couple in-game days… This is not fun to me… I feel your company should be asking for money after the finished product is complete, not asking for us all to fund your dream of making this game out of our pockets, when it should be the other way around with gaming companys paying people to bug-test their game so its actually ready for to play. I feel like I’m paying you to bug-test your game that I’ve owned for a long, long time now with the same issues that are obviously not being fixed or addressed since they still exist… instead of every other legitimate game company paying players to play their game in order to get their bugs worked out.

Sorry if I seem a little salty here but I feel like I’ve been scammed since I bought a game a year ago that I’ve been unable to ever play properly without issues or crashing. This bugs me a bit since I have a insane computer that I’ve spent alot of money on so that I can play any game without problems or issues… yet this game still laggs and is obviously coded badly due to how much it bogs down my 12 core system with two 7970’s in crossfire. Battlefield 4 and crysis 3 run better then this game! And those are top end graphic games that use alot of cpu+gpu power… so why does your game take more resources and run worse then these two big recourse hog games?

Another idea for the preferences tab would be a “order” of things, like for example if every task he could possibly do is on the list, you could have him focus on mining as a primary first thing and gathering food as a last thing that isnt as important… so as long as theirs mining to do in theory this guy would never gather food… and if gathering food was the issue you could adapt around that.

Another idea that might work is adding a flag you can drop to send idle workers to whatever spot you want, so for example if they couldnt get to a spot you could find that out by dropping the flag and seeing they couldnt make it. Or you could drop the flag on a spot you want them to gather the reources from, so if you had a idle worker issue due to them not being able to path to a thing across the map, you could get them on new more important jobs by laying a flag down and having them work on everything around the flag instead of working on “whatever they think is best”

Hang in there! :smile:

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, I believe Radiant is typically willing to offer refunds if you reach out to them at (they often post here as well).

That out of the way, the only reason SH (and a lot of other games) exist is because of Kickstarter and other funding platforms. Without those, these things either don’t exist or get funded by VCs who then own part of the company and are often just interested in the money and not an awesome game. That means corners get cut and you end up with some sub-par game that doesn’t meet expectations.

I think what you’ll find with the SH team is that they don’t cut corners. There are a lot of performance issues and bugs right now, but that’s what you get in Alpha. Once they get the core set of features out, then they’ll take another pass and tune everything so that it runs smoother.

I’ve found myself not really playing much the last couple alphas while some of this gets ironed out. I don’t mind, though. The developers are really responsive, listen to the community, and work hard. I was happy to make my contribution and, like any investment, hope it was all worth it.


hey there @djgreenspade … welcome aboard! :smile:

something along these lines is already present in the developer’s build (which we will get access to soon)… iirc, theres a new UI button (the “?”) that will bring up a task manager and enable us to prioritize tasks and potentially even cancel those tasks as well…

you’re right in one regard… this isn’t a full game yet… its an alpha that is being worked on and tested by this community… your feedback is certainly welcome to help further the progress though! :+1:

i dunno… perhaps its because those games are developed by powerhouse AAA studios with dozens and dozens of developers that work on the core engine exclusively? :wink:

but as @jonzoid mentioned, just stick it out… if you feel you are unable to deal with the existing state of the game, then my advice would be to take a six month break and come back to see how the game has progressed…


Currently, the easiest way to fix idle workers I know of is by saving and reloading, as this doesn’t need a Stonehearth restart.

Like @jonzoid, I ended up waiting for a while before the game got to the point where I could play it. I’m past that point now, and I’m learning how to mod it instead of playing it. I’m also quite happy with my investment, since I know the devs are working hard on it, and I can expect to see a really cool game in the future that I can play for long periods of time sustained by modding. I’ll also second the thing about devs being responsive, last night Tom answered some of my questions on the live dev stream. I’m glad to be a part of the process that shapes this game.

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