Idea for the forge animation

Tom mentioned (in dev stream #8) that he was going to add glowing ambers to the forge. The moment that he said that I thought of something that might be cool for the forge animation. What if when the animation for the bellows is “exhaling” the glow of the embers got brighter for a second, like in real life when you blow on embers. He might have to slow down the rate that the bellows expand and contract, since it might look a little goofy if it is too fast. Maybe one second for the bellows to contract itself, then 3 seconds to expand again.

I have two kids so I have yet to see the stream live, I usually watch the archive the next day when I have time. Could somebody who is in chat during the live stream mention this to Tom for me? I would really appreciate it. If not, no worries! :wink: Thanks guys!


LOL, I posted while I was watching the stream. As soon as I posted this and unpaused the steam me mentioned this very idea of the embers doing just that. So never mind mentioning this for me :wink:

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