[Idea] Bug Report Style >> Future History of the World via the Voxel

So, to start off, this is a resultant idea of Stephanie’s lovely color commentary that she put in place for the bug report for the Oct 8 report. And combined with a prior statement of intent that the population would have a reasonable cap to encourage identification with all of our little voxel buddies, this is just a suggestion that would further that emotional attachment/pity.

Have a color commentary take the place of the standard bug report, in the form of a standard text log. I would imagine if you kept a rolling text log of the actions, similar to any other log file that it could be prevented from becoming too obscenely large. Perhaps a line limiter based on the users preference, or a size limitation whatever works, the text file would could be submitted to you for all the debugging that is necessary. It could also be used to generate the History of the World Part 2, regarding the world of voxels of course.

Eventually, instead of reading through it like you were looking at an old MU* log you could see the running log onscreen similar to an ‘MMO /local channel’ output. Perhaps needing a job category for that, perhaps not.

===========Sample Output==========
Stephanie> ::clicks:: Ok, guys, Chop a tree!
Sean> A tree! I’m chopping!
Brom> A tree! But I’m still taking this log to the stockpile! Guess I’ll pass but I’ll be baaaaaackk!!
Nol> A tree! I’m so there!
Mer> A tree! Mine!!!
Brom> ::deposits log in stockpile:: Oh hey, a tree!
Tree> ::upon chop, deposits logs on the ground::
Sean> Whoa, now there’s logs and this tree I wanna chop. Which should I go for? Log’s closer. Log, GET!
Brom> Tree’s closer, Tree GET!
Nol> Log! No, Sean’s got the log.
Mer> Tree!
Nol> What? Me? Logs?
Mer> I’ve got this log, but I’m lost.
Sean> Guess I’m going to stand here, looking into the clouds
Brom> My log! Where is it? ::existential angst::

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