I would like to know where I put the templates

Good morning, good afternoon or good night (depending on the moment you read this).

One help please.

I would like to know where I put the .json and .png files from the templates I got on the sites:


I learned easy how to install the game mods, but the models still do not understand.

The .json and .png will go into the building_templates folder that is found here: stonhearth/saved_objects/stonehearth/building_templates

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The two files? .json and .png? In the same local?

That is correct.

@Cassiano_Hubert The json is the building template itself and the png is the pic you see when choosing a template, as I understand it anyway. :merry:

Thanks to all for reply
And yep Golden, the .PNG its only to see the look like before installing the template.
When I put the two types of files in the local what Avairian sayed, the game do not understand what are that.
The .JSON files presentend some bugs, I will see in the next play and post my experience soon.