Delete building templates


In past versions of the game, I created some building templates, that I do not use anymore (in fact, when I select them, I get an error message). Is it possible to delete existing templates, or at least return to only the default ones ?

On a side note, are there any existing mods adding more default building templates ?

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You go into the stonehearth files and there is a folder of your saved templates as well as the game templates. You can delete them there and you wont have them in your game anymore

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There is a site for templates.

Unfortunately there is no way to delete a template from inside the game. You can navigate to your game folder/saved_objects/stonehearth/building_templates. Every template has a json file (blueprint) and a png file (image). Deleting both deletes the template.

I don’t recommend renaming the templates in this way, though. The name of the building is saved in json file, so changing file names can throw some errors your way. If you want to rename the template, better resave it in the game, then delete the old version manually.

PS. I guess renaming and deleting should be added to the game itself. It doesn’t seem a difficult feature to implement and can make the process less… manual.

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Ah great, thanks. I will do that :slight_smile: