I want to make a Netherlands Translation mod but how?

I want to make a Netherlands Translation mod, i have tried it previously today but it have not worked :(. Anyone can help me pleas?

here a little help :wink: First Steps for Translation

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Yeah thanks but where are the starter_locale.smod and the support_Ing?

for the smod there is a github link in the post ^^ and the support_lng was renamed in added_languages.json ^^

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okay thanks i have changed some things such as Play Game to: Speel Spel, and i have tested it but i get this:

ok then i cant find your language file ^^

can you upload your mod?

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No im sorry for that here is it: Translation-NL.7z (145.8 KB)

Are you here still? :slight_smile:

nope :wink: 20chararcters

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You are here :joy: What do i need to do with that translation mod? it doesnt work for me :sob:

have fun

i have added my fonts but you must look if you need them (i dont know if there are some special signs like äöü in your language) ^^

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Thanks im gonna test it know! :slight_smile:

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Thanks but not everything is fixed i have still some of that weird things :frowning:

ähmm i have test it and it works from my side?

but you need to use the newest en.json from the stonehearth.smod and rayya.smod there are only placeholder with old files (for example there is the “about” string missing xD)

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Yeah im gonna go and program tomrrow more thanks!

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Ehmm but now i have a question if i want to open that nl-nl folder again to change more of that words i cant change it ore something do i need to do translation in 1 day?

nope just change the ending from smod to zip and open it

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Tutorial pleas? 20 characters

If i want to open it again i dont have the normal things but his:

tutorial to change a ending from a file??? ähmmm do you really want todo this? because at the end you must perhaps also change ui files and for this you must know html codes etc. …

edit: ahhh you mean not the ending of the folder you mean the tkh helper … ähmmm good question a long time not used ^^

normally i open it just with sublime and change it there ^^

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