I need assistance in making a house

I am trying to make a building to be a part of a town.
What I have a problem doing is building two walls to separate both rooms in the middle.

Hello @yony101!

In Stonehearth as of now, you can not make seperate rooms with walls in between unless you use slabs. This is a planned feature, though. :wink:

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if the building hasn’t been started, you should be able to erase a line of the floor where you want a wall to go. and then click on the building tool that has a castle wall and place it there going across the floor. then you can add a door in that wall. i am not sure if the roofing tool will work with that interior wall, if it doesn’t then you are going to have to hand make one.

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I just gave up, I can’t believe a game has been out for about 1 1/2 yrs. and still there is a METRIC TON of bugs and problems with the building system. Well Alpha I guess…

Sorry you feel that way, put it down for a build or 3 and come back :

Kinda happens when they are building their own 3d Game Engine from scratch.
ie: Not store bought