I hate new way to build!

I really hate the new way to build, bring back the old!

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But new way to build opened up so many more options and it is sooo much easier to build!! You probably just need to get used to it :smiley:


I find it on the contrary much less convenient than the old

I’d say the new one is much much quicker in a majority of cases. What are you trying to build? Maybe we can give you tips on how to improve the designing process in the new builder.


what -exactly- do you not like about the new, that the old did better?
what @SachielMF said: there are some tricks with the new one that may not be so easy to notice the first time around, what are you trying to make?

I would like to find the old roof, the building I’m trying to build requires a single roof all around the second floor but with the new builder I can not tie the four roofs

Hard to tell what you mean by description alone. So, just using a single roof and maybe deleting parts doesn’t work? Any pictures that illustrate the design you’re aiming for?

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A pic or a top-down description of your building would be good, I - think–I know what you want and have a sollution but it depends on shape and desire etc.

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I’m having some trouble as well, but I’m also sure the problem is between my seat and the computer :persevere:

  1. My blocks are always one Z-level about the ground where I want to build the house. I don’t get the option to add floors like it was about two years ago.

  2. I see they added multiple levels now, cool, but when I add the stairs it’s not like in Sims where you automatically get a hole in the second level floor for the staircase.


From what I understand of the information given, they are having trouble with giving a proper roof to a house that looks like a cross, for example.

In the old builder, a single click would make a X roof and now, if you want to make it properly, you do have to delete the extra voxels generated on the inside of the center where the 4 roofs meet.

So in that sense - yes, I agree that in this case (And honestly it is the only case I can think of) the old builder was better. But as others said, there is so much you can do now that you couldn’t (or had a lot of trouble to do) before… You just need to practice :smiley:

I can’t really give you tips on your case since I do not know the layout specifically (the cross is just a guess) but note that you can use the voxel deleting tool (the hollow tool?) to delete “extra” voxels generated when you build two roofs that go through each other.

But as a side note, maybe the button to “auto-generate” roofs for the selected room/walls could be re-implemented? (just that button!) I guess that would solve the only situation where the old builder was better :slight_smile:


This should help.

Agree on 2. Would be nice to have.

As for building cross-shaped roofs it should be possible to just drag two roofs out. Ovelapping voxels in the preview don’t seem to be a problem. Then again, it would still be messy if you dont delete some blocks as you would create a little pyramid in the center, albeit invisible.

Yes, you can do it by dragging 2 roofs or one larger and two smaller, etc.
That “pyramid” wall always appears on the center regardless of how you do it, however, and it actually is bothersome because it covers your view on “roofless view mode” :smiley:

But like we said, you just need to delete these extra voxels (using that same view mode is quite easy to delete them, by the way)
I did agree that having a button that would just “auto-generate” a roof for the selected walls (since you can shift+select walls anyway) wouldn’t be a bad idea to make it fairly simple to some people :slight_smile: The more choices the better anyway, right?

Oh - wait, my bad - the pyramid doesn’t actually cover your view if you build 2 roofs since it will be made only of roof voxels - it does look bad when you move the camera inside the building though :stuck_out_tongue: And it might actually be harder to remove since roof view hides it… hmmmm :thinking:

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just use the slab view lol. drag dloor, cut hole in the middle (leaving a 2 block wide rim) start dragging a new floor from the inner part of that rim, repeat. sellect one of those blocks, toggle “roof” on. voila. roof in whatever shape you need, made out of the block tool.

Yes, I do that for custom roofs :slight_smile: but we can’t expect everyone to enjoy that :frowning:
The original poster’s subject here is that something that was simple was made a little more complex, that only makes it more complex if the person is not that much into building planning :smile:

Hahah fair point, the “auto roof” feature may be a god send for those not that much into designing :stuck_out_tongue: (they might get nightmares about how I design my nordic A-frame buildings with functional Chimnees… Lol)


also the one level above ground is how it works now, but you can sink it with the light blue up/down arrow when selecting the floor of the room
and the second floor, just drag a new room over the first one :wink:
edit: ohh that was in the “this should help” link hahaha

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