I don't know what's wrong with my mod

If you’ve been following my Qubicle creations thread, you know that I’ve had modding aspirations for a while. I wanted to start by adding my ocarina as essentially, a piece of furniture crafted by the mason. No behaviors, no animations, no fancy stuff at all. Easy enough, right?

I started by simply copying the stone table files, replacing relevant things for my ocarina, and then following that tutorial that I think I’ve linked a bunch of aspiring modders to. I messed up somehow. Can anyone find out what I’ve done wrong? [And, yes, the first time I tried to run it, I forgot to rename it into a .smod, but even after that it wouldn’t work.]

Here is my “musician” mod, in .zip form.

at fast i have found 2 issues xD

  1. in the receipe you have forget after entities the subfolder furniture
  2. the manifest isnt linked with the orcarina - just with my_mod_item???
  3. your mixins shows to the carpenter ^^

also you should change the name of the receipe xD

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You’d think Radiant would already have taught us not to copy and paste. Unfortunately, it’s an easy lesson to forget! :wink:

I’ve updated the link in the OP. Unfortunately, though, it’s still not working.

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after repair all - and checked that all jsons are valid … my game doesnt want to start anymore xD

edit: ok it has something with the mixin todo after remove from mani it works again ,

I think that you have to have the same folder structure in the mod as is in the game files.

So the mason recipe files must be in the \jobs\mason\recipes folder.

This is how the cook mod appears to have added in the well for the Mason.

just done - still strikes xD there are also some manifests wrong … at the moment i check the entities because i have found all issues with the receipe

edit: Dropbox - Error this is my repaired but there must be an issue with the entity because my game dont want to start anymore xD

I’ll take a stab at looking at it. I’ll report back when I find anything.

Edit: Dang! It seems @Drotten beat me to the punch with everything I was about to post :stuck_out_tongue: Have a look down there haha.

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Had a very quick glance. Ordinals are missing?

I got it working; give me five and I’ll upload the fixed zip file :smile:

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So there’re three problems I could see:

  1. The manifest’s “mixintos” is trying to find the file “file(mixins/carpenter_recipes.json)”, which is called “mason_recipes.json”.
  2. “mason_recipes.json” has a reference to “file(/recipes/ocarina_recipe.json)”, it’s called “stone_table_recipe.json” in that folder.
  3. Also ocarina_iconic.json has a reference to “file(stone_table_iconic.qb)”.

I’m gonna hazard a guess and say that it’s a result from copy-paste (I know those all too well). :smile:

I wonder though: what’s ocarina.qbcl doing there?

Edit: Sorry @Spoolicus. You snooze; you lose! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Here we are fixed zip :smile:


I prefer saying that I take my time with what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue: Good play, sir. Good play.


ahhh the iconic i havent seen xD

Good call; missed that one, zip should be better now :smile:

ok you have also overseen the iconic xD ohhh SH**** i found my mistake … i have named the ocarina_recipe ORCARINA xDDD

bad german bad bad bad xD

also the first recipefolder isnt necessary ^^ you have the correct receip in jobs xD

I thought I’d made the necessary changes, but for some reason, Stonehearth won’t load to the title screen in a reasonable amount of time when my version of my mod’s loaded. @BitterRob’s version works fine. What did I mess up this time? The updated link to my version is here.

Well, actually, there’s one problem with @BitterRob’s fix. Namely, that’s not how you hold an ocarina! The backwards model is entirely my fault, and I’ve fixed it in my version.

It’s not that I’m not grateful for the fixing, I’d just like to know what’s going on a bit more. I want to understand modding, and be able to do more of it myself, rather than fumbling through the whole thing.

Hey @coasterspaul

Thanks for the props; and many apologies for jumping in and fixing it up; fixing what was wrong with your mod made it “click” for me and so I was able to get my shop mod working.

I used the stonehearth.log file to ensure that the mod actually loaded; which is when I got the same black screen as you.

I hope that you get the same errors in your log that I am getting?

std::exception: ‘‘musician’ has no alias named ‘furniture:ocarina’ in the manifest.’

I have in my version of the manifest: “furniture:ocarina”: “file(entities/furniture/ocarina/ocarina.json)” and you have “ocarina”: “file(entities/furniture/ocarina/ocarina.json)”

There was also a syntax error that I’d put in there by erroneously adding in an extra comma, that passed the “do these files reference each other correctly” validation, and therefore the game loaded, but got an error on trying to actually place that item.

It would appear that “bad” mod file references will cause the game to not load with a black screen and produce errors in the log file; and if there are syntax errors with the file then you will see an in game error with the line that is at fault.