Help with modding for a noob

So, i have never modded a game, and I have been following this game for a while and thought,“hey wouldn’t it be cool to mod this?”. So i search on Youtube and see Stephanie’s twitch stream. So I watch it and I follow all the steps, run the game, and type it in, and it doesn’t work. So i go back into the manifest, everything’s there but it says reference_mod manifest does not have sample_object. So i get off and try again later to clear my head, no luck. So I scrap it.
So it’s a few days later and i get qubicle for steam, thinking to try to just swap models. I try to, it works and then i think, Huh maybe i could make a gentleman ogre after watching the party goblin stream Allie did. I do the model and i try to make a mod of it, and it doesn’t work. So i’m stuck i know we have some very talented modders in this community, so i’m hoping they can help. Thanks, stay cheesy, everyone, stay cheesy

A good place to start would be with checking for any coding errors using a website like This will just basically make sure you didn’t miss anything small like a comma or whatnot. Then, if your mod still doesn’t load, be sure to check the stonehearth.log file, as it should tell you if the problem is an invalid file path or other modding boo-boos.

Beyond that, if you’d like, you can zip and then upload the mod here, and I can look at it for you.

Thanks! I just had to change the mod version i didn’t know to look at the .log

That .log always proves useful, and it’s helped me out some too. Dang typos.