Ugh why cant i mod?

so i try to add more furniture and now i cant?? someone take a look and help me out please.

I waititng for help 3 hours away, sooooooo be patient :wink:

its ok im still working on it myself, i just cant seem to find the problem.

You should probably learn to interpret your stonehearth.log file when you run it with the mod in place. After a while, you’ll know what a good log file looks like and anything extra is usually an error you’ve introduced.

In this case, you have a few clear errors.

1/ mason_recipes.json would be correct if it were in the same folder as the recipes it refers to. So all your references to the recipes in that file are incorrect. I recommend you put mason_recipes.json in the same folder as the actual recipes and update your manifest.json to point to the new location of mason_recipes.json.

2/ Most of your references in manifest.json are to stone_comfy_something. The actual folder the items are in are of the form comfy_stone_something. So your are referencing the wrong folders in most cases there.

3/ Check all the recipes. In each one, you are pointing at fine_stone_craft mod, not more_furniture mod. You’ll need to fix every case of that.

After you fix all those things, your mod may run correctly, or it may not. But that seems like a good place to start.


thanks i think i fixed them all but still isnt working

here is the new folder with the updates i think.

yay i got it i had an extra letter in there

ok nevermind i didnt put the file in the /mods file lol … ima noob

You still have some file-paths set wrong…

“portrait”: “/more_furniture/entities/furniture/comfy_stone_bed_fine/comfy_stone_bed_fine.png”,

… in all recipes does not exist.

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Running with your mod in now gives this error in the stonehearth.log:

std::exception: ''more_furniture' has no alias named 'furniture:comfy_stone_bed' in the manifest.'

That means that somewhere (or maybe several places?) you are using the alias “more_furniture:furniture:comfy_stone_bed”. Looking in your manifest, the alias you have written is “furniture:stone_comfy_bed” (more_furniture: at the front is the name of the mod at the top of the manifest, so you don’t need to add it in here). You’ll notice that comfy_stone_bed and stone_comfy_bed are not the same! You need to go through and find all cases where the alias you used somewhere else is not the same as what you used in the manifest. Then you’ll have to fix them.

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ok i fixed all the comfy nonsense i created and everything has a png file too

Lots of mistakes still… all of which revolve around the order of the words comfy stone and ‘item’ (in recipes and the entity.json files)

I’ve fixed them and uploaded them here: Dropbox - Error

Use Jofferson, when starting out and save yourself the hearthache. I still use it as a sanity check tool.


If you do use Jofferson, however, keep in mind that even if it gives you the green light, the mod may still have problems with it. Took me the longest time to figure that one out haha. Still, its an excellent resource and very easy to use. Just put it in the folder and you’re basically done.

You’re not wrong. Jofferson is not a be all end all solution. But its a damn handy tool for checking aliases and file names. Saved what little hair I have left when I first started out.


thax a ton really appreciate the help