I dont know if this is a bug or intended

im on a mountian range map with 3 trees(out of 4) 2 wildlife and 3 mineral (generator settings on the select settlement area (large map with the dice at the bottom of the screen) on night 15 now and havent been able to make a drop of progress for 10 nights in a row because its constant bombardmant of goblins ive killed around a good 80-90 goblins and destroyed a good 15 bases (the hypnotic campfires ) and they keep on comin this is insane like seriously i cant even risk taking my city out of defensive state due to 2 mins after i do that it will cue another invasion

AND ANOTHER THING what is the goblin honor token for i have liek 13 of them on this map now


I think this is all reported, don’t worry.

Progress in what exactly?

That’s a bug.

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gameplay cant build cant do anything cause any time i try i get a goblin invasion

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this is super nuts omg i cant make any progress im getting aggrivated

Try to select a more strategic starting point for your next town. For me it worked well to look for starting points which are either surrounded by mountains or water on 3 sides. You can easily block the 4th side with some walls / fences and start growing your city until you feel comfortable to face the Goblins.

i dont mind facing them early game but encountering them every 3 mins is just rediculous i havent lost any one i have 4 footmen with stone maces so the goblins just keep getting murdered left and right but the rest of the town cant build

Any chance you stole one of the goblins camfires rather than destroying it? Bad stuff happens if you do that.

no i have goblin honor tokens (27 of them now ) and still havent a clue what they do

They are furniture. Basically just decorations for now.

ok was afraid they were a gimmick left behind by the goblins as an attempt to damage the base

Tom was about to place a goblin token near the wall of his house when all the sudden the eyes started glowing and it started laughing at him. Tom instinctively threw the goblin token into the mine shaft where it exploded injuring 4 towns folk and breaking 50 blocks finding 3 lumps of coal and a hunk o stone

You lucky, lucky soul. There was a time when every goblin dropped a token. Towns were filled with them - tens of them, then dozens, then hundreds… Eventually, they left the game completely. For a while I kind of missed them. I’m just glad they returned - and in much smaller number.

man i have lazy footmen i just lost 2 of them cause they was sleepin on the job … invaders sighted … told them to attack they get to the attack point and 2 of them just fall over and go to sleep while town defensive mode is enabled …

George: i dont care if were under attack im tired im going to sleep right here using this lump of coal as a pillow … George was slain by zombies …

Tom: What an idiot. apparently training tought him nothing Uproot his gravestone

In the gameplay of that screenshot (the one with 371 net worth) was where you were having massive amounts of goblins?
That’s crazy…