I didnt even know!

Stonehearth Graphics Test, version 2!

Im guessing it was an amazing success.

Anyway, Im gonna go back to staring at voxel trees and a small mountain range in the distance…

Well there you go!

Today is the big day for Alpha 1 so you will be able to play around with bits of it!

This thread details what you should expect :slight_smile:


Cheers Geoffers. I knew the 30th was the day for the actual Alpha, just didnt realise I could have a cool breathing voxel world to grin at like a fool. Its just after 5pm here in Perth, so Im awake for a good long while yet, hopefully we get an update in the next 5-6 hours eh?

Hopefully, but I wouldn’t hold our breath :slight_smile: the team are 8 hours behind GMT - it’s 1AM their end.

Assuming they start bright and early at 8/9 AM we’ve still got a fair few hours left yet!

Ahh…well, tomorrow then!

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Can’t wait. :hearts:


Well I think this thread has served it’s purpose!