I can't install Qubicle 2.0 beta

I dont know why it won’t let me install the Qubicle 2.0 beta on mac heres an image
if you need any info just ask

Sorry @Gridnick, but we’re not responsible for Qubicle. You could always ask @Tim (the creator of Qubicle Constructor).

I suggest you go to http://www.minddesk.com/vanilla/ (the minddesk forum) or send an email to info@minddesk.com . Here’s their contact page: http://www.minddesk.com/contact.html

If you hope someone in this forum can help you, well, we’ll leave this thread open, I don’t mind.

I don’t know how many people had tried to install it on Mac, but there’s a thread for bugs for the OSX version in the Minddesk forum, that’s why I wrote the link.


ok thanks i thought you guys might know the problem

I was able to install it without issue, What version of Mac OS X are you running?

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 this my mac software its not storage