Qubicle for Mac

Well some of us(like me) are victims of an ownership of a Macintosh…
How should we start Qubicle-ing?
Thanks in advance.

I think you have two options. Either you install Windows via Bootcamp and run Qubicle on a partition, or you look for an alternative which is available on Mac. Just search for Voxel Software and you might find tools like this. As long as they have an option to export into .obj-Files you should be fine.

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No luck sadly :disappointed: From the point of view of someone who uses a mac and has tried though heres my results. It’s supposed to work with wine but failed for me, under bootcamp it had an error and wouldn’t start, and I couldn’t find a half decent alternative. Basically hope that you get lucky and it works for you where it didn’t for me.

hi @samkrox98… have you tried searching on the minddesk forums? surely there are folks there in the same boat? :persevere:

edit: quick search didnt reveal much… :cry:

Well ofc there’s a lot of ppl in the same boat as me @SteveAdamo and ty for trying XD
but… nobody has the proper solution.
@Xavion ye I tried Wine as well… doesn’t work

The only solution is parallels but parallels wastes so much battery…
So yeahhh Sad reality :tongue:

I would give Qubicle via Bootcamp a chance… or one of the other windows-tools (e.g. link in my post above).

However, just looked for potential alternatives, which are all unknown to me, so you have to give it a try and see if it works:

  • SketchUp: The “Make”-Version is free. To export into .obj-files you will need a quite expensive Pro-Version. However, for students there is a cheap license available.
  • 3D-Coat: Looks very powerful but also capable of Voxel-Design. Offers a free Trial for 30 days and an academic program.
  • Sproxel: Free but not sure if it is still under development.

Another interesting tool might be 3DTin, which runs in the browser.

It seems like there are also some editing tools out there to be used for Minecraft. If you can export with them into an .obj-file, they might work for Stonehearth, too.

in case you didn’t know this already: Qubicle 2 will run on MacOS. It will take some month until the beta release, though.
I personally have 3 Macs myself and they all run Windows on Bootcamp. I must admit I only use MacOS for software testing ^^
I am sorry QC 1 runs on windows only. I’ve written it in a language that wasn’t able to port to MacOS since recently. Still, porting to mac requires a complete rewrite and that’s what i am currently doing.


thats fantastic news! you have such a great product, and the mac has always been known for its artistic leanings… this will really increase your user base… best of luck on the re-write! :smiley:

I was just thinking of fiddling with Qubicle at work (where I’m on a mac)… and then I see this thread. NOW what am I going to do all day!?

i understand your predicament… give this a go! :tongue: