I cant build and i dont know why

I finished this huge building and when i press the build button the game tell me that " there are red blocks " and I cant build i would like to solve this problem before I use the ib command.

What can I do ?

this is my mod list

  • ACE
  • homf
  • Dense fields
  • dani’s core mod
  • glassworks
  • trapper +
  • trapper + taxidermy
  • better storage
  • LostEms
  • signery
  • settlement decor
  • home sweet home
  • finery
  • canyon biome
  • fisher jobs + archipelago biome
  • extra map options
  • sailing ships (building template)
  • furniture expansion (continuation)
  • nordlingmod [KINGDOM] [ ACE + Vanilla]
  • craftable gravestones
  • building colors
  • beam (hearthling customization stats)
  • lodewell lights (continuation)
  • box comand tool
  • miner profession
  • gardens of hearth


easy thing you can try:
if you dont SEE any red blocks anywhere, save the template, then delete the building, then put the template down and try buildign it again. often that will fix it.

if you DO see red blocks anywhere (for instance, too deep in the floor or something, delete those first ofc.) a picture of your build might help

This is the building the thing is that the base of the building has been made of blocks and then i carved the zone where the rooms are placed.

What are you refering with put the template down ? I can only rotate left or right.

i mean assume you dont have a building there yet, look in your saved buildign temaplates, and put this thing down again (after you make sure this one is saved, and hit the trashcan icon to remove this thing so there is an open spot there)

ps. i hope you are using my MRF mod because holy -beep- you have a lot of farming going on in the back there… (you need like …3 of those fields to feed 20 lings. and you have 18 :wink: )

yeah i want to have a lot of food, fiber and plants to avoid the problem of no materials and food (if it would be posible in the future) :joy: :joy: :joy:

to be honest there are 3 farms of rice and more than 10 (of 5 by 10) of silkweed, is a lot :sweat_smile:

later i will write you if the problem is solved

the problem is still there i dont know what i should do