Huge wall of text feedback :D

Edit: I added [Fixed] to the things that were fixed in the latest patch or were clarified in the other posts :slight_smile:

I was initially doing to post this as a new post to the hard game feedback thread, but I feel like most of the feedback is more about the game in general than just the hard mode

More feedback after doing a completely new game.
Enjoy my large amount of text :wink:

There’s obviously a huge difference with what I experienced previously. But I still have some minor feedback points.(all things based on HARD mode)

  • [Fixed] Leveling up footmen is VERY troublesome. However I heard there was an experience bug before so I’ll blame that instead. It took me over 18 days to get a footmen to lvl 3.
  • Knights don’t tank damage. I have 4 footmen, 1 knight, 2 clerics. However it’s never the knight that does any tanking in battle.
  • It’s VERY tedious to regroup my units every time I’m going out to attack. I need to hit the “go here” button for my warrior group several times before they are grouped up. If I get attacked or are about to attack and I don’t do this. I will ALWAYS have my footmen trying to solo large groups of enemies. It’d be nice to have some way of having them auto-group before going into battle.
  • Occasionally both new civilians and enemy spawns will spawn in areas that I cannot reach. Forcing me to use the “teleport” command.
  • Start of the game is very rough which is really good. However after day 5 or so it gets significantly easier and it feels like it’s normal mode again. Having 3 footmen and 1 cleric is the turning point where battle gets way too easy. So make enemies a bit tougher based on number of clerics too?
  • [Fixed] Getting a lvl 6 archer is nearly impossible. They first need 3 levels as a footman, then change to archer. It’s hard enough to get a lvl 3 footman already, so to have him level up 6 more times would take an eternity. I’d expect it takes 40~50 days to get a lvl 1 footman to a lvl 6 archer? (again, might have to do with the exp bug?)

Minor issues that don’t really need changing but I still noticed:

  • [Fixed] Getting food and networth is a bit tedious after a while. I have a very large underground city that has wooden floors everywhere. 13 11x11 fields of food and 3 farmers. Getting a large quantity of food/networth is still troublesome. I felt like I was forced to make 100% useless structures to get enough networth.
  • Editing floors/roofs is a nightmare. This does not mean building. To edit, I often need to completely break things down and rebuild it. I had to replace the floor of my stairs up the mountain several times because of this.
  • lots of useless goblins at the later stages of the game. They are all weak as hell. However for some reason they still give more exp than the harder tougher enemies at the start of the game??
  • Getting iron, stone and some other resources were a pain to get. I dug my house in the mountain so I’ve mined a gigantic amount. Still I easily run out. I would not mind to increase the amount mining gives you by 5~10%.
  • Never enough storage space, This is not an issue as I dedicated a 20x20 room filled with stone chests as a treasury. But I would not mind if these chests were somewhat larger. It’s VERY easy to have 300 wood, 200 stone, 500 food, 200 flowers, 200 cotton herb plants(whatever they are called). It fills things up way too fast. Also, for the lvl 6 blacksmithing vaults, They are way too expensive, too large, and too inefficient to be viable. They would need to double the storage space for me to choose them over the stone chests.
  • **[Fixed]**Cooking is counter productive. To gain new units you need x amount of food. cooking turns 3 food items into 1 higher quality item. Making the amount of food you truly need much higher. So I’d like cooked items to count as either 2 or 3 food? I’m not sure why I should even bother cooking. morale in the party is easy to keep above 6 when you only need 4.
  • fences and gates are overpowered? There are only a very limited amount of units that try to go through these gates. Because of this I’ve seen many monsters simply de-spawn and not try to attack me. For a hard mode I feel that this is a bit too easy. I initially built my gates to delay monsters so my warriors could group up. But I’ve almost never needed to use it.
  • Bugged workers forcing me to save and reload. This is probably a known issue when gathering items and building things. I also noticed this happening when mining individual blocks.
  • No way to re-grow grass? If I want to re-model a large chunk of my city, I can’t replace my roads with grass so I can make it more visually appealing to place large plots of farm land. Since 40 to 50% of my owned land end up being farm-land due to the feed requirements.
  • The game speed feels very slow after day 10. I will probably add that mod to add the extra game speed. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in the vanilla build.

In the end, Awesome gameplay. Had loads of fun and I will be making my town a lot better looking. None of the things listed above were game breaking for me so I could enjoy the game to the fullest.

Things that were awesome:

  • The way you can place floors everywhere is really nice. I use it everywhere.
  • I love the many different classes. They work very nicely together and are all needed.
  • Lots of farmers gives this games a real “I’m making a functional village” feel. Like real castles and villages you need a lot of farmers. In hard mode it replicates this and it gives the village you make a real authentic feel to it.
  • You need to use your brain. Many battles need good preparations to be able to survive. You need to build your city accordingly and train the correct warriors. In the end, this gives a nice perspective to the game.
  • Brutal starting difficulty on hard mode. It really does feel like it separates the men from the boys :stuck_out_tongue:.
  • Amazing dev’s. Cant have a good game without amazing dev’s.

Random suggestions that would be overkill for the game, but would still be cool:

  • Random personalized storylines for your villagers. To get a bond with your villagers you could give some roleplay aspects to it. stuff like : “Bob has a sheep that seems to be a bit sad. The sheep always seems to like the pink flowers. Maybe bob could sheer up Mr. sheep by getting some magical pink sheep dye?” and then random personaly awesome quest begins. Something to create a real bond. Even when they die? Like, leaving a will? “I will grant my Plushy bunny that I cherished my whole life, to John. You were a true friend.”

Tell me if you wish for me to make these feedback wall of texts more often ^^ I’d be happy to do so :smiley:

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All for grouping up before battle!
I agree that once you overcome the final difficulty, the game becomes much easier, until kobolds are added in late game. So there might be the need for a steeper difficulty curve mid-game.
Talked about food in response to your other post, think it’s fine. To get net-worth, just create expansive stuff with carpenter or potter and sell it.

Yes, editing would be nice. Building seems very difficult due to inability to edit. What the hell dp you need that much resources for? You’ll never use 200cotton.
Cooking is VERY productive. People can eat from one bowl of stew ten times or so.

Yeah, after that info from the previous thread I skyrocketed my food value supply and shot from 15 units to 20. Is 20 the default cap or something?..

Also, since the exp update, my units went from lvl 1 to lvl 6 nearly instantly.

and it’s not like I use that much cotton. I just collect it by default :confused: it just happens… I’m a hoarder…

Glad some of your issues were sorted out :wink:

Cooked food should add more to the food score than the individual food items that make it up.

Update: The lack of iron is still insane. here’s a screenshot of how much I’ve been mining so far,

any other rare ore such as copper, tin, silver, coal are all mined in the hundreds. sold about 400 of each. but I never have enough iron.

Strangely enough gold seems to be almost just as rare. luckilly I dont really need it.

I would just search on the outside of the mountain, normally i see an iron vein somewhere, usually higher up in the mountains is where i find most of my iron.

FYI I’m not having -any- issue with Iron and Gold. Just in mining out space for rooms in mountains I tend to find plenty. If I need more, I dig shafts in huge grids to find veins and then dig those out for resources I need at the moment. Using the 4x4x4 mining tool, I simply do grids that have 7x7 areas between shafts - if there’s a vein you’ll usually find it pretty well in that sized grid. It’s the fastest and most efficient way of finding veins - just be sure to do them at different levels of height as well. Bear in mind I’ve never been able to get more than 28 hearthlings before my villages get wiped out by attacks so far, so maybe this is an issue when you get to much larger villages for you?

I’m guessing you’re new? It seems like you just joined with the new classes. If so, Welcome! Well anyways, since no one really answered: there IS a cap on hearthlings. It used to be 20, I believe it’s 50 now. You can change the cap inside your options in the game, so maybe check that if you aren’t getting the daily notification still. :slight_smile: