Hard Mode Clear!

[the final(?) boss Norwind is kinda bugged, he rarely attacked back]

this was my second run! and though it had to cheat sometimes (not in combat and such)
But mostly in just ridiculous instances like enemies spawning on top of troops(i just reload on thoes) and bugged buildings and stuck hearthlings

and since have now won against Norwind, i think it’s safe to say that i’ve cleared the campaign that is present to this point

and also i thought the hard combat scinarios were over
but i was so wrong on that… now normal enemies are as powerfull as some of the chieftens, and they, for some reason, start spawning on top of my troops, coincidentally, but also so brutally

they now spawn in groups of 8~9 one or two fully equipped orgs, and at-least one general kobolt and often a master as well, with some orc knights and warriors and clerics (the knights taking sooo long to kill)

most encounters now are almost impossible to beat without some luck and constant tactical decisions with archers and knights

footmen are now almost completely useless as most org’s splash damage is enough to just kill them with knights around

having a backup herbalist to craft those town buffs helped quite a bit

archers are the biggest tactical advantage as you can order them to target strong kobolt archers and make them flee, and also to enemy clerics

but even with thees efforts, my 4 knights(fully equipped) and 3 clerics, and two footmen have little chance against most encounters while the 5(use to be 6) archers are starting to struggle to get priority targets down

i’m pretty sure this save is now decetnly dead, since any encounter has a full potential to wipe out all troops

i’ll probably start a new save and try to get better at this, but i really did enjoy the challenge


Symbol out!

Edit : oh, and also, the strong encouters(hard ones) have two orgs and 2or 3knights(with others guys) Which are insanely tanky and powerfull, seriously, i couldn’t even get their health down by a quarter!


That’s an interesting seed you’ve got there. Mind sharing?

Ah, sorry, i didn’t chack the seed when i started(and i’m not sure if i can check afterwards)
And also i built the moat by myself, it use to be a lake that i dug out and filled back enough to look natural (water from a lake ona a mountain)

Should be accessible by typing world_seed (i think?) through the console. “world_seed” may not be the right syntax, but I know for a fact that it’s possible by getting the seed via console after the game starts.

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That’s useful!

Sadly i’ve turned off my computer right after i posted this, i’ll check as soon as i return to the computer goodness

No worries, comrade. I’m planning to start a new game this weekend and I didn’t want to keep on using the same old Lumineux seed.


you were right!
was the command for the seed

the seed is 991634085

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