How will the modules work? Will they be everywhere or pop out?


I’ve heard that the modules will be scattered around but say like red dead redemption you can go through the same roads and paths loads of times and not come across something. But randomly you might find a random event or something happening on the side of the road. Would this happen in Sonehearth or would it just be there waiting for you to discover it?


its best to think of everything in the game as a module… :slight_smile: but the exact mechanics for the “event” modules, those that involve the player discovering something, or having something discover you, have not been revealed…

we do know that the emphasis on SH will be town building (as opposed to major exploration)… thats not to say its not a component, but first and foremost, you will be building your virtual cityscape… as you are doing so, the game DM will keep track of your status, and if (for example) you are leaving huge stockpiles left unprotected in the middle of town, the DM might trigger an event for a goblin raiding party…

simple example, but still representative of how a module could be “activated”…


I think their kickstarter video explained modules really well.


I think in a Q+A video they said they randomly spawn and theres all different styles of them. A goblin raiding party may appear when you become rich and come to your town to loot you. A huge farm may attract animals to come eat your food. Your woodsman may be walking around the wilderness and find an enemy party or special location or dungeon. You might find a hidden treasure. Basically stuff in your town can trigger them or you can find them or they appear over time. Pretty much anything lol