How to show craftable items in build menu?

I don’t like how I have to have someone craft something before I’m able to place it in the build menu.

Is there any way to make items show up in the build menu that are specific to the race I’m playing without first crafting them?

If there is a mod that colors the background of the item based on if it is: in stock (no color), can only be obtained though trade but not in stock (Gold background), or the crafting requirements aren’t met and none are in stock (red). The ability to filter them the same way would be good also.

This way I can better plan out a village at the start of the game when there isn’t much to do other than fast forward the game at max speed.

The craftable items can already be placed using the build menu
If you want a certain quality level then you need to have something crafted of that level

That is part of what I’m looking for. I want to be able to make blueprints that will take only highest quality items as well as medium and low quality versions as there is currently no auto swap of items based on quality.

I also want to be able to place items in blueprints that I don’t meet the lvl requirements for, but that are available for my current race to craft.

Is there some kind of creative mode that you can just build blueprints in for a certain race? (Not peaceful mode, but something that has all the craft-able items for a certain race enabled for blueprints?)

you could use the Debug Tools Mod to spawn in any (or all) items you want to build with, create a save that has one of every item present, and use that as your “creative mode” building world – once you have an item present in your town it will show up in the building editor, regardless of whether you have another one to use or can even make another one. I believe that the upgraded hearths will never show up in the building editor though, as well as possibly some other items that are intended to be unique. Interestingly though, if you give yourself some items that are meant to be used by enemies (e.g. the goblin firepit), they should show up in the building menu too.

One quick note though: don’t be surprised if you notice the building menu take a moment longer to open/load if it has hundreds upon hundreds of items in each page, that’s the unfortunate side effect of having every single item loaded into the UI hahaha :merry: