How to make a star in a kiln bug

Title: Kiln lighting stacking

Summary: Kiln lighting animation is stacking to make the kiln appear super bright!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a kiln
  2. Produce clay bricks (more than the amount of clay you have, this triggers the other bug of using clay bricks to make clay bricks which make the lighting problem worse)
    3)Watch as a star is born in the middle of you settlement!

Expected Results: Kiln to maintain light levels

Actual Results: Stacking of kiln light emitters.



Versions and Mods: 2710 (Latest)

System Information:

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Hey there @Mohawkless, this is a known bug (for TR), and seems to occur (at least in my testing) if a Hearthling is working at the kiln and leaves before finishing, either because of an enemy, needed to eat, or needing to sleep. The animation keeps playing, and then will stack if it happens again. Have you noticed the kiln effects stacking at other times?
Paging @sdee, this is still an issue!

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