BugReport If u craft Piles

When someone crafts a Log Pile, Stone Pile or a Clay Pile the items will stack up on the workshop and become completly white. I guess its just a visual bug because 18 items will be stacked in one place. Nothing big but pretty annoying to see white blocks when the Piles are crafted

Can you put a photo, I had one and found a solution to it. I need to know if it is the same kind of block.

It is this same bug

Scratch that. Move the item (and table if needed) should remove it.

Even though it is a bug,for all technicality, it isn’t. If tested, putting multiple items (the same items) on the same place will cause whitening due to the fact that (in game) the blocks give off an amount of light.

This only happens when the graphic settings are low, I think. :disappointed_relieved: