Glow effect on log pile

Hi all back for some input. First really happy there has been an update, was exited when i read about it.

I noticed something about the log pile and so far its the only item made by the craftsman that has this little glow effect. It almost seems like the game thinks its a light sourche when its being produced. After it is done the glow effect dissapears.

First 2 pics shows it happening during day and night times. other 2 pics show it does not happen with other items.

anyone know if this was added in recently for fun or if this is some result from tweaking the looks of items. Thought i saw a change in the coal ore and stuff so maby thats it?

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It might be due to the game stacking multiple logs in the same space when you’re making an object.

Best way to confirm would be to build a few things that only require one log, then some that require multiple ones, and see if it’s only the latter that produces the light.

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This is how you start a big bang. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is in the game for a while now, but I never bothered about it. The more items overlaps, the whiter it gets. That first suer bright you have is probably from you crafting a market stall, right? Those require 18 logs…

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Weird… I never had this bug. Just crafted a logpile with 18 logs and everything was fine. Maybe something with the GPU’s drivers? :confused:


nope no market stall, its a log pile just like the second picture. Other items that take a lot of materials don’t give of that light. Try’d market stall and it doees not do this either

it only occures on log pile, no other object nor any other job.

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Well, a log pile is 18 logs too. :wink:

market DOES NOT GLOW log pile DOES

You guys are luckier than me than.

Log pile, put all items in the crafting table = super nova bright
market, put all items in the crafting table = super nova bright

Even crafting the level 3 workbench (which requires 3 logs) made the items whiter.

Each item overlapping gets more white/light colors, after around 10 items it is pure white.