Hearthings Idle, Won't Finish Building

To make a long story short, I was in the process of building a structure, and I added a kiln to the structure. The whole building is finished, scaffolding and ladders gone, EXCEPT that my hearthlings refuse to place the kiln. I even built a fresh one, but they would rather sit around the fire and do nothing.
Does anyone have some tricks to fix this?
(I haven’t saved or exited, because I want to see if there are any possible solutions w/o making the issue a permanent save)

you could try deleting the item “ghost” and try to add it again.
to do so you have to click on the desired item, after its selected press ctrl c and type destroy there

You can have multiple saves of the same game at different points (I employ this a lot myself), just go to save and hit new instead over overwrite. Furthermore, despite what you’re experiencing, one trick I find helps prompt my hearthlings to get their act together is to save and immediately load my save, which essentially clears out any of the standing instructions and lets everyone jump onto the most pressing task they can immediately handle.

If my time on this Discourse has taught me anything, it would be nice to have your system specs, save game, and probably a specific template of just the building you’re trying to build - but I’m not a dev, and without any screenshots to look at, there isn’t much we can do for you.

At the end of the day, if you really need the building to be finished and don’t mind using the console, you can always just ib the building and delete your existing or extra kiln.

Currently it is not supported to add furniture or modify the building while it is being built. It is something that the team needs to figure out.

You could have added the kiln after it finished building (or at design time), and there would have been no problem at all.
I guess to fix it you would need to destroy the ghost as @Fabio_Ricardo suggests, but I’m not sure if the building will be marked as complete after that. It might remain glitched.

This suggestion didn’t seem to help on the ghost figure. Initially when I would use the command before un-pausing the game, the results would read as true, but nothing would happen. The second time I would attempt this method, it selected the ghost kiln as being part of the building, and it deleted the entire building itself.
Though I believe this solution would work wonders on items already placed in the world, I couldn’t use it to solve my own issue. But thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@Fabio_Ricardo 's suggestion did not resolve my current situation. Because you mentioned that my impulsion to add onto buildings while they are currently being build isn’t supported (yet), I resorted to opening one of my previous saves of the same world. Maybe this will be a lesson to myself to save more frequently :sweat:


You can also save your building model, delete the building itself and then build it again, now with everything you want from the begining