How to make a new button or new window or add them from nothing ?!

I saw that “start_menu” in stonehearth.smod handle button and others things but i think i’m gonna build a left bar and put a new button .I try to understand all lua code, html and others.But it’s helll.Someone have an idea ?! :wink:

Oh well i want to make a ModManager for each Mod : Activation,Options,Release Notes,Help, etc…
Of course if it’s possible to understand all game mechanic :wink:
And after this.I would like make a Special Mod’s End User that i have in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

But well i will try to understand and try to make new mod’s UI

Well, All I know with Lua is that the devs encourage you to not mess with any Lua files right now because they change so rapidly. Aside from that… good luck?

Well i’m at home and i’m making the mod and learn too but thank you anyway :wink:
I know some program’s language : a very little Java, a very very little Microsoft Visual C#, Script VBS and Powershell.
So learning a new language why not.I’m not a programmer just a windows installer repackager at work :wink: