Adding custom guis

Heloo! I’m a fairly new modder, coming from a minecraft forge backround, who knows some lua. I need help with adding a simple button to the main hud in the game, and adding a gui when it is clicked. Does anyone know how to properly do this?

Thanks in advance.

Not on the coding side, but most of the UI is in HTML last I checked.

Anyway, go to this directory: Stonehearth\mods - in there you’ll find a couple of “.smod” files - these are basically renamed .zip files that Radiant uses to store everything in. So open them up in whatever .zip program you prefer to use, and have fun exploring :slight_smile: .

Oh, and for the UI files, I think most of it should be in stonehearth.smod.


Ok, I’ll go have a peek!

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I’ve been looking for a bit (not 8 hours…) and found that most of the game’s ui is lots of <div>s, that are hidden or shown in javascript that can interact with the main lua component of the game.

I’m trying to hack together an entity spawner, if it works i’ll post how to do something similar.

And while i’m at that, can someone tell me very quickly how a mixinto works, and how an override works.

what? are you trying to expose the stamp tool of the devs?

hmm… for mixintos and overrides you can see this:

Actually the info you might be looking is also in the “data/ui” folder? :confused:

No, not expose, recreate it! (big difference!) For one, i’m fairly certain its not in the game, and for two, lots of people (for testing) probably want (me included) want an item spawner.

And I’ve been looking in stonehearth.smod -> ui. I’ll go check that folder as well

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