How to export from Quibicle

Okay so i’m super new at this whole modding thing and this might be a dumb question, but how do i export my finished object and put it into the game?

I’ve created the object, a bench. Now how do i get said item into the game? I don’t want to replace any other item and ideally, i want to make this item part of a group of objects (i’m planning a Roman-themed pack) that is added as a .smod file or workshop mod. How would I go about doing this? I have no idea how to do anything in association with modding other than editing and creating items in Qubicle. If anyone could help me that would be great! Also if anyone knows anything about how to make clothing for Hearthlings that information would be much appreciated as i would love to make toga and chiton and the like for them to have a truly Roman-eques feel to the game.

lol also making roman one xD
there are lots of post about modding and also the rayyas kingdom to take reference.
you will need to create the item .json and set the propper routes to call everything: descriptions, graphics, icons
that .json must be called from the manifest.json as it is the main file of the mod (as i think)

the rayyas will be the best way to see it
btw the .smod is just a rar so you can decompress it and check the files

ohh and clothing will be in jobs/(job name)/outfit
you can make a new one there and set the paths in the propper .jsons

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I recently started modding myself and have learned a lot just by browsing around the forums.

I recommend you start by taking a look into the game structure (by changing the “.smod” files into “rar” as stated above), especially the Entities folder where you’ll find the items, structures, furniture, etc…

But basically, simple things like objects are folders with a couple of items, usually a definition (.json) and the graphical file (.qb), stuff placed in the world (like furniture) also usually have iconic forms (Another .qb) and two extra definitions files for their iconic form and their ghost/placement form.

After that, I recommend you take a look at SHED, the modding software included with the unstable release of the game. Just navigate to the game folder and look for the SHED folder.

From there you can create a new mod and “clone” (by right clicking) entities, like… you could clone a piece of armor or clone a workbench to create your own clothes or workbench from the ones you cloned to your new mod; the software also handles updates to the Manifest (the important .json file which is the definition of your mod + your aliases (entities and such), mixins, etc…) so with shed and a bit of patience you can have a simple mod (like adding a piece of furniture) up and running in a few minutes!

I’ve found (personal experience) that the best way to learn how to mod stonehearth is to just delve into the game’s content itself since it is basically a big mod. Stonehearth IS a mod, the base mod, and by “copying” and editing from it you can learn a lot.

As for exporting from Qubicle, go to export, choose .qb and then untick “compression” and change the dropdown axis to “Right-handed”; if the “individual export” is tickable, that means you’re dealing with a model of many matrixes (like armor pieces) and you should always export it whole, not individually!

I know it’s mostly sparse but I’m still getting into it myself, just sharing some noob experiences too :slight_smile: Hope it helps!

Oh, by the way! Forgot another thing I did that HELPED me a lot!
I looked for similar mods (that added the same kind of thing, etc…) and downloaded them - and started browsing their files. I learned several important things from these, especially how to work with mixins!

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Thanks for the responses guys! I’m mainly curious about how to put the items in the game itself (in the case of my bench, would i just drop the files in with the other furniture files the rezip it? Or can i just take a separate folder with my item (and its json files and such) and just change the extension to smod and plop it into the mods folder? I’m not sure if its just that easy.

lol not that easy but is not hard to just add items
@DaniAngione may be able to explain better :sweat_smile:

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Editing the game files themselves (overrides) is not recommended because it kills compatibility with mods and stuff, among other things.

Your second guess is almost accurate, that’s pretty much it. You don’t need to rename it to .smod even, just leaving it as a folder is just as fine; Most (if not all) uploaded mods to the Steam Workshop atm are folders.

Every stonehearth mod is basically a folder with a manifest file + other folders with the content.
Let’s suppose your mod adds only a new carpenter workbench, then it should be something like this:

[DD22’s Mod]
|-> Manifest.json
|-> [jobs]
. . .|-> [carpenter]
. . . . . |-> [carpenter_newbench]
. . . . . . . .|-> carpenter_newbench.json
. . . . . . . .|-> carpenter_newbench_iconic.json
. . . . . . . .|-> carpenter_newbench_ghost.json
. . . . . . . .|-> carpenter_newbench.qb
. . . . . . . .|-> carpenter_newbench_iconic.qb

And that would be it. Of course, you’d need more things if you want to be able to craft it in-game:

  • a recipe .json
  • a mixin (a file that is “merged” into a stonehearth default file) to carpenter recipes
    And so on, and so on… so like I said, it is not so simple. But it’s a first step, and after you “master” it by creating some items, adding items and recipes actually become simple knowledge :wink:

As I said, I really recommend you lurk around the Stonehearth default files, there is A LOT to learn just by looking around :slight_smile:


If you got a 30 minutes or so free, visit this: Stonehearth's Modding Guide

It is aimed to teach how to mod even without prior knowledge.


:open_mouth: never saw that one… thanks for the info

By the way, there’s a way to look through .smod files without having to unzip then first:

Of course, if you’re going to be looking through it a lot, an unzipped copy is probably still better.

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