I want to mod Stonehearth

I’d like to mod for stonehearth but the issue is that everything is so daunting and confusing could someone pls point me in a good direction?

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What would you like to start modifying? A good place to start is have an idea, if you’re new make is small, like adding a decoration. The more experienced you get the easier it becomes.


Like OwlGo said, a good point to start is by having an idea! Try to keep it simple at first - so you can learn - so stay away from professions or biomes and such for now… Think simple to start off: what new thing would you like to see in the game?
A new tree? A new piece of armor or weapon? New furniture?
Then you can get started from there!

I feel like this recent thread has a lot of good advice, especially the modding guide linked by BrunoSupremo, so take a look at it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dillon_Burt :slight_smile:

Here is some documentation to get you started! Read through all of it before starting anything and you will have a better understanding on how all of the systems works :sunny:


I will look forward to see what you come up with!

Thank you :merry:

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Alternatively, if you just want to take a peek under the hood of stonehearth:
If you copy stonehearth.Smod somewhere and rename the smod part to zip ( so stonehearth.Zip)
They you can extract it and look at all the files. Entities folder is where I would advise you to start poking around at leave the rest for later

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Well @OwlGo has already been helping me and it’s been so helpful but I
need help with my manifest

How so? What issues are you having?

@thelegorebel i’d tell you but i don’t really know I’m no coder. but @OwlGo is helping thank you

Owl seems to be training a small flotilla of modders lately :’)
That’s one way of getting varied mods in the workshop, lol.

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