How to access .Json files 3D Models?

Hello! I was hoping someone could lend me a hand regarding the Stonehearth.Smod file.

So today I’ve been struck with some inspiration for an Animation Video based off of Stonehearth. Though I don’t have a need to export anything into an OBJ, what I do need is a way to view the models contained in .Json files within the Stonehearth.Smod folder.

Due to the number of awesome mods currently circulating I’m sure there’s some kind of secret formula I don’t know and would appreciate any help the community might give me.

I know that @theEPiK1 was talking about making a Stonehearth Video himself. Perhaps he might like to know this stuff as well.

Models are contained in QB files. JSON is plain text that describes entities or other things.

To access the files you need to rename stonehearth.smod to, and then extract it (it’s a compressed folder).

I think you can view the models with any free tool that’s around the forum, like StoneVox for example.

Json files can be opened with any text editor.


This is the link for StoneVox.