Where Can I Find My .json files in my game directory?

so, i want to do some mods to my game , but i cant find any .json files in my game directory .
i need those files as a preference . can somebody tell me where can i find it , or where can i download it ?

Short answer, the files you’ll need to edit are under \Stonehearth\mods. You’ll see a number of files ending with .smod such as stonehearth.smod. The smod file extension is just a renamed compressed archive like zip.

You’ll want to browse the archive or extract the files. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with searching this forum as there are a number of helpful posts with a few how-to questions answered. There’s a Modding category you can browse through for a number of helpful posts.

Some starting material:

Assortment of older forum posts:

Have fun :slight_smile:


In the ‘Mods’ folder, there’ll be a file called ‘stonhearth.smod’

.smod is just a .zip that’s renamed, so you can change the file to a .zip and open or unzip it and edit the files inside it (and after doing so, probably converting it back)

The game will read folders (you’re everyday folder) so you can just unzip and use it as is, but i don’t know if that’s good for gameplay or not, and she might rather read the existing.smod




please need help , the mod menu was appeared and it works fine , then i start to put the mod by changing the name wooden_chair to wooden_chair_mod with the same exact .qb , .bmp and all those files but it doesnt work, then i think i changed something , and it wont let me get into the game, so i uinstall it , and reinstall it again , now the game works but the mod menu doesnt apper now . :frowning:

can u help me ? :frowning:

Sadly this isn’t my most comfort zone in moding.
I can code, but only to the minimum(i’m in the models and animations department)

If you have the starter mod (the mod that’s used as a template for basic mods, in which i think you can get from one of thoes post you’ve put up there) you’ll be able to reverse-engineer it to make it work

And as i said, this isn’t by strongest department, so i’ll page some people that are more capable on coding

@Relyss , @Wiese2007 , @The_M , @8BitCrab (y’can do it, right? 8bit?)

i mean, i can do the basic .json stuff, but i’m terrible at explaining how to do it… so i’ll page our resident modding support, @Drotten

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I don’t understand what you’re describing. What mod menu? Are you editing the game files directly or creating a new mod? By changing the name of the char, did you rename the file in the archive or extracted folder? Avoid renaming files for now as that’s likely to break stuff.

Did you extract the stonehearth.smod into the same /mod directory? You don’t want to have both the extracted archive and the compressed archive in the /mod folder; the game will want to load both and it’s a coin toss which one wins for changes.

At the moment, modding isn’t too well documented to just pick up and go. There’s a fair amount of reading necessary so you should ask yourself if this is something you really want to do or perhaps wait and enjoy the game. If you are serious about modding, please spend some time looking over mods created by the community as they well give you a really good idea what is possible and how it was done.

Here’s a link to a mod list: Stonehearth Mod List - Find a couple mods close to what you’re looking to do and see how that person did it.