Downloading mods on A16

How do I download mods for Stonehearth on Alpha 16? Sorry about not knowing this process, I’m new to the whole “modding” concept.

hey there @Domojestic,

to install mods, simply find a mod you would like to use, download the file (generally will be a .smod) and then put that mod in you mods folder. if you’re playing on steam, the mods folder should be located under this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods

for finding mods, you can check out the modding category here on the discourse, most mods have [Mod] in their title. however for easier finding you can check out these fan-made mod sites,

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:


that makes sense! however, where can i find these mods? I recently made a post about something i wanted to do that could not be done in the vanilla game, and someone recommended a mod to me. I don’t know exactly what the name was, but for this (and future reference) where can Stonehearth mods usually be found?

oh sorry, i didn;t get to that last part about finding mods :sweat_smile: