How shelter score is calculated?

I’m having a problem with my shelter score with Rayyas, it is never above 4,4!

I’m almost sure that with the Ascendency I had almost 8 as score, but I can’t check as I lost the save file (miss clicked and overwrited with the Rayya :frowning: )

I’m not sure but to see a shelter the game checks beds with a roof?
If so, than the opening roofs that Rayyas has is a problem isn’t it?
I know that I had a lot more houses in this Rayya game than I had on the other, but the score is just half of it…
Edit: And I used only the default build templates for the houses, except for a dining room that I tried to make a big version, but failed :frowning:

Beds make the shelter score (totally ?) and better beds are the most. If you have enough beds for all your villagers it should reach 10 or a bit less. Don’t know if houses count.

I know it used to be that the shelter score only went up to 5 or so and was based purely on beds rather than structures and thus more of a placeholder.

I have no clue if Radiant’s changed things since then, though.

I believe @Powerclank and @coasterspaul are both correct in that beds (or lack thereof) are currently the only item that affects the shelter score. Based on a quick review of stonehearth.smod, it appears that sleeping on the ground gives a shelter penalty, where a clay bed gives a small improvement, a basic wood bed give a larger improvement, and a comfy bed gives the largest.

Why there is a difference between clay beds and wood beds I am not sure, so I am going to ping @sdee and @yshan to see if they can chime in…

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I was wondering if the clay beds were not counting to it, besides they using it to sleep.

I also didn’t know comfy beds would make a difference, I thought that was just aesthetics (although the description says it is an improvement, I just thought it was a planned thing and had no effect)