Way to achieve above 5 shelter score?

Is there a way to achieve a score better than 5 for shelter ?

I tried many things, only one bed per house, curtains to every window, a wooden dresser and a desk in the house too … anything the best for my little ones but nobody seems happy enough to upthe shelter score above 5 …

what am I doing wrong ?

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Sorry @Kamiy, it’s just not implemented yet.

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No problem :slight_smile: I was just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, good. I thought I was going crazy.

Well, crazier.


uhm rrr ahh I’ve gotten to 5.1 (but no higher than that)


I’m glad you asked, Kamiy.

I was wondering that same thing :slight_smile:

Hey … just asking this question again, now that Alpha 6 is out … I see by the date of the original post and reply that it was made during Alpha 5 … has any more been implemented on shelter score?

I, too, tried everything I could think of to get that to go up … and it wouldn’t go above 5. It would go below if everyone didn’t have a bed; but as long as everyone has a bed, it seems to stay just at 5.

If it’s not implemented yet, that’s fine, it would just be good to know that so we don’t bang our heads trying everything we can to improve it! : )

thanks; and great game BTW.

Just like to bring this up as I’m sure I’ve had more than 5 shelter in 183 but in r188 I’m finding it difficult to get higher numbers.

well it is implemented which is nice