How much time have I spent working on my town?

Quick question for experienced folks about save files, or towns in general I guess. Is there some way to find out how much time you’ve spent working on a particular town, or with a particular save file? I know Steam keeps track of overall playtime, but I was more curious about each of the towns I work with, specifically.

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It has a calendar, under the sun(or clock) you can see sometjing like “100 16.depumum” (i don’t recall the actual name)
I don’t know the name for all the months, but that’s a way!

You can also find it in te town menu

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Thanks Hyrule! Yeah, I’ve seen that when hovering over the sun/clock, but I guess I was more meaning time in real life, as opposed to Hearthling time :stuck_out_tongue: I probably should have specified that! haha. Thanks for your response though!

This is the timelapse from the .smod files. Maybe that helps you

“ticks_per_second” : 9,
“seconds_per_minute” : 60,
“minutes_per_hour” : 60,
“hours_per_day” : 24,
“days_per_month” : 30,
“months_per_year” : 12,

“start” : {
“second” : 0,
“minute” : 0,
“hour” : 8,
“day” : 0,
“month” : 1,
“year” : 1000

“hour_names” : [

“month_names” : [

“event_times” : {
“midnight” : 0,
“sunrise” : 6,
“midday” : 14,
“sunset_start” : 20,
“sunset” : 22


Of course, that’s only accurate if you’re always on regular speed. I go between highest speed and paused regularly enough that it probably is still a good estimate.

Thanks for that info! I hadn’t even thinking about diving into the game files and math-ing to find this out, haha. But since time played is clearly not present in the save descriptions or where anywhere else in-game, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting/hoping for :stuck_out_tongue: