How much courage does a footmen need?

so i was just wondering, how much courage does a footmen need in order to fight?

whats the lowest amount of courage a footmen can have that they will still be willing to fight goblins and other monsters, and does each monter have its own “scariness” level?


I noticed that if the Hearthling had 10 courage before being promoted that they will run away from Goblins. I have a footman that started with 20 courage and I haven’t noticed any trouble. Ideally I’d like them all to start with at least 30 but 20 didn’t seem to be an issue for me.

Supposedly different monsters have varied scariness levels but I’m not sure how much of that is implemented yet.

I’d like to see the footman’s courage increase with better weapons/armor equipped. Not a ton but if you took a 10 courage hearthling (maybe that’s all you had) and equipped a short sword, shield, and bronze plate it would be nice if they bumped to 20. Essentially adding a +courage stat to each piece of gear.

Courage has an opposite stat, menace. If entity A has more courage than entity B has menace, A won’t be afraid of B (per definition). In all cases, though, there’s a “threat ratio”, which is basically menace / courage which is used to determine the range at which an entity will start avoiding the other one.

That means that, if you have an entity with 1 menace, it won’t create much fear, nor will it be avoided largely. However, an entity with a hundred will probably be feared by everyone and entities will keep a large distance away.


thanks for the info @RepeatPan :smile:

On this subject, what is the menace level of the wolves?

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@MindlessMe The menace stat is hidden by the game. The last we heard, we won’t be able to see that stat but I suppose we’ll be able to work it out in time by comparing which footmen run away and which don’t.

I think 20:

"menace": { "type" : "basic", "value" : 20 },

That’s from stonehearth.smod\entities\monsters\goblins\goblin_wolf\goblin_wolf.json BTW. Dunno if it’d appear anywhere else or get multiplied or what-have-you though.


It should also be noted that all footmen gain extra courage and menace:

      "courage" : {
         "add" : 100
      "menace" : {
         "add" : 50

Awesome! Thanks to the both of you for finding the info. It does make me wonder how it’s all calculated since my foot soldiers have base courage stat of 60 and still run away. I am testing out a full plate, sword/Shield soldier against wolves to see the difference.