Footman dont want to attack

While goblins attack, my footman go for them, but dont want to fight and run away.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 13 relase 491

System Information:
Win 7 x64

How high is his Spirit value (and other stats), and which typ of goblin??


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Ok you are right, low of spirit, but that was a realy small goblin. I lost because he dont want to try fight :smiley: haha
I dont remember stats i forgot to crate screen

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Footman should have at least a spirit stat of 5, 6 is better.
My guards have all a spirit stat of 6.


I don’t make footman with a spirit of 1, but all of my footmen have high strength and medium/high spirit. and the high spirits high strengths are reserved for hunters/shepherd, at least the first 2. it’s not really necessary to have a spirit stat of 5, a spirit stat of 3 is good enough for most cases. maybe not for the uber supertrooper, sure, but good enough for a typical soldier. spirit is good on a soldier, but strength is even more important.

of course, a 6-strength 1-spirit hearthling should just stay a worker lol actually, I’d make him a farmer. farmers don’t need spirit or intelligence, but strength helps them move about quicker, so that’s always good.

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