Goblin spawn mechanics

is there a set of rules when and what goblin spawns?

I just lost a footman apprentice and a worker to two armed goblins on day 3
they spawned right after I assigned a second footman so the question is if the number of footmen is inflicting the type of goblins spawning…
as long as I have only one soldier I only get goblin thieves

the main problem with the armed goblins is that an apprentice won’t even attack it so having two apprentice footmen won’t help against them either and that’s why I lost two villagers before the armed goblins retreated

if there is such a game rule that spawns armed goblins once you have two footmen regardless their level

  1. it would be nice to know so you can plan ahead and only assign the second footman once your first one is at least lvl 1
  2. it maybe would be great to change it so it would only trigger if one of them is at least lvl 1

the goblins only spawn after you get a certain net worth, unless that was changed very recently.

[quote=“FX5, post:1, topic:14955”]
an apprentice won’t even attack it
[/quote]what? what do you mean apprentice footmen dont attack them?

yep… they aproach them but then run away with the same “flee” animation as all the other “normal” Hearthlings
once they ran away a certain distance they turn around and apraoch the armed goblin again… just to run away if they get too close to them

once they reach lvl 1 they attack them as usual… but unless you trained them with goblin thieves you can’t beat armed goblins if they are the first ever enemy they encounter…

what is the courage stat of those hearthlings? if its not high enough they wont be able to fight tougher enemy’s.

before promoting a footmen make sure their spirit is higher then 1, otherwise they cant fight tough enemy’s. and the reason level 1 allows them to do this (if im not mistaken) is the fact that it gives them a “courage boost”

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oh that might be the problem then… I only ever looked for body 5-6 when I promote a footman … hmm

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the idel footmen is 5-6 body 3-6 spirit. though spirit 2 will do fine.

another way to “boost” the courage is to sound the alarm, this gives everyone a slight bit more courage, which (or at least im guessing) is why workers are able to fight when its on.

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