How does the trapper works? Maximize his hunting season!

Hey I open this thread, following a little talk with PureAwsomeness54 about the hostility of the goblins and we have a similar experiment with a more safe town ( more thirteen days without big troubles).

But when he had a ladder to have access on an upper land to provide an hunting zoen to his trapper, he managed to provoque goblin’s raid.

That’s why I want to know if someone tries some experiments to mximize the trapper’s job.
For instance I let him a little restricted area near my town, something like a bloc of forest (50*30 bloc area), where I can see some living creatures.

Now I need to pursuit some experiments to know how works his hunting potential to maximize his restricted area in the futur!

Ps: Just a screen to my little town around the 8th day.


I launch the first experiments this morning.

Starting situation: new town with 6 villagers and 1 trapper
Trapper stat:

My first intent was to determine the minimal specific size area to let the trapper put a trap.

a 3*3 blocs area

Second intent was to determine the number of trap which can be put by the trapper, following the size of the area selected:

33 blocs = 1 trap
4 blocs = 1 trap
1010 blocs = 1 trap
20 blocs = 2 traps
2030 blocs = 2 traps
30 blocs = 2-3?
40*40 blocs = 3 traps

Third intent was to determine if trees are really necessary. So I try to see if there is a significant number of fail during the capture.
I tested this hypothesis with two 20*20 blocs hunting area during 10 cycles (1 grabbed, 0 fail):

  • First one: 6 trees and 1 trap : 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0
  • Second one: no tree and 1 trap: 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0

Trees seem to be not really a necessity.

Fourth intent I am testing a groupe of 44 blocs hunting area, around ten on a square bloc of 2525 blocs with 6 trees, 4 bushes, and clean area (30-40%).
I keep the ares where traps don’t fail on the first round and move the other in the area.

Preliminary stage with 6 traps

  • 1(under tree): fail; statut: remove
  • 2(near bush): fail; statut: remove
  • 3(near bush): fail; statut: remove
  • 4(near tree): 1(squirrel), 0, ?; statut: probably down due to bug, no new trap set)
  • 5(under tree): 1 (rabbit), 1(squirrel), 1domesticated(squirrel), 0(squirrel), 1(rabbit); statut: actif
  • 6(clean area): 1(fox), 1(rabbit), 1(rabbit), 0(fox), 0(squirrel); statut: actif
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I embarked on top of a mountain and the trapper trapped fine, trees/animals are not even necessary, it spawns them for the traps.

2 hunting areas (both rather large) and I have a steady food supply (on the peak of a mountain)

The animals that are trapped are ONLY racoons and foxes there.

You can also put farms on the peak of a mountain ( i honestly hope that changes)

I love that players are commencing !!science!! now, interesting, I will attempt multiple 3x3 instead of one giant trapping area and see how it goes.

I think it’s the most effiective way because the trapper can easily manage around twenty traps in a small area if they are not to far from a stockpile.