How does the gearbox work?

I feel like some badass defences can be done with it if used correctly

The mechanical system still isn’t fully implemented, at least in terms of animations and accessibility. But if you use the debug tools item dropper to give yourself a water wheel and a powered mill, and connect them with axles/gearboxes and have the bottom of the wheel in water (or one side in a waterfall), the powered mill will perform much faster than a regular mill. Those are currently the only mechanical power source and consumer in the game.

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does it…rotate alreadt? /starts salivating because has a massive - elongeted turnip- for mechanical power :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet, it’s probably going to be in the next version (0.9.3) though :slight_smile:

Along with, if I feel generous enough (:smiling_imp:) ((and bother paul enough)) other tools and power sources!

Mechanical drop hammer for the blacksmith? (good excuse to make thst one huge hammer from LOTR for the dwarves lol)

If you are wondering which is the huge hammer from LOTR?

Around 0:52

Maybe :smiley:

I mean, the idea is that the engineer will sort of be able to “buff” most crafters through their mechanisms. So the mill obviously means an improvement for the cook, but, you know… There are many things that used some sort of mechanical power throughout history, finer forges, power hammers, sawmills… and some that we can fantasize a bit like a power stone cutter or automatic potter’s wheel… :smiley:

Man, I basically have the entire script known by heart of all the 6 movies :smiley: I know it, no worries :smiley:

Edit 2:
I gotta say I do like the Daedra double hammer for making Dark Anchors in TESO more, though :smiley: (and it is more compact too)

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Context: I am playing a RC game with a greek theme (I just design greek like buildings and structures and roll with it, Im not too fond of mods) and I decided to make a small Akropolis to hide my hearthlings in case of an attack. Then, I thought that I could make an old school liftable bridge that goes across a water pit. Then I saw that I couldnt use it on anything. Then I wish i didn’t design a custom akropolis that works fine but isnt as badass as expected lol

Omg do you imagine a conveyer belt that takes grain, takes it to a mill grinder, grinds it ant automatically takes it to a stockpile? That would save me so much time with flourmaking! Hate it when I have to turn corn into cornmeal whilst my golden gourds are left to rot

well i at least imagine an automated mill, i mean dani already made a smokehouse for his trapper+ mod, the same store ingredient, get output product mechanism would work with a mill.