How does "manifest.json" works?

Hello, its me again xD
I tried to see some tutorials and I downloaded some mods to understand how works, but I don’t get it x.x
How do “aliases” and “mixintos” work?

For example, I want to create some weapons, what I need to put in aliases and mixintos?

Hi there @Tanrion :wave:!
All I can do right now is direct you to some pages since I am new to it myself :sweat_smile:.
Have you visited this thread? This helped me a lot. Oh and if you want a tutorial video,
watch this one.
Skip ahead to 4:00 to hear about manifest.json.

If you already visited these, my bad. But I hope it helps :persevere:!


Thank you, dude. U saved my life :grin:

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Glad to be of help :blush:!

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