How do you plant cactus flower, golden gourd, & watermelon seeds?

I have two each of cactus flower seeds, golden gourd seeds, and watermelon seeds. How do I plant them and what benefit do I get for planting them?

You can activate the crate with the seeds to learn the crops. After this, you can plant them similar to all the other crops for the farmer. Related to the advantages, there are none other than more diversity in raw foods, and depending on mods used, the ability to use cactus flowers for decorative recipes.


As tim1 said but you have to place the crate first if your hearthling have taken it away.

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The crate of seeds will be left at your camp’s flag. If not, look in your stockpile. Once located, click on it, find the icon of the finger and green square, I believe it says “use”. Clicking that activates it, it explodes and the crate is gone, and the seeds are now in your garden plot selections with all the crop choices. Plant them like everything else. I think all are edible.