How to use golden gourd seeds

Can someone tell me how to use the golden gourd seeds?

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To use those seeds you will have to place them into the world (or in a stockpile, where you can click on them).
Then, click on them and you’ll see a command in the unit frame that looks like a hand pressing a green button.

Once you click that button, the golden gourd seeds will be unlocked for your farmer (your farmer will be able to plant gourds).

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err, what happens if it’s in a crate…? is there some cool workaround for that, or is it a known issue?

That’s why I said [quote=“Relyss, post:2, topic:26016”]
place them into the world (or in a stockpile,


Apparently the command is kept whether they’re deployed or not, as long as you can select the iconic version.

With potions it happens the same, you can’t use them if they’re on a crate :confused:


hmm… would be nice if you could activate them from the town inventory UI (or containers storage UI) at the very least, otherwise getting them out of crates can be a pain…


Yeah… I think there are suggestions out there about this.

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This is why the potions can be placed in the world like furniture… perhaps a solution here is to have the seeds be plant-able like tree saplings? So you can either take the initial seed, grow it directly, and then harvest that gourd manually to get a gourd + a seed back; or simply use it to unlock the farming option before the seeds germinate.

Actually, it would be awesome if trees occasionally dropped a sapling (and very rarely more than one) when you cut them down, allowing early but unsustainable manual farming of all species. When the farmer is of high enough level, they can use any of the saplings to learn how to grow those trees as seedlings, so that we can plant out all kinds of trees… maybe even berry bushes, the large barrel cacti, and so on.

In short: harvesting a plant rarely (or very rarely, in the case of some plants) allows another of that plant to be placed; and the player can alternatively use that opportunity to teach their farmers how to grow that plant.

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