Ghostly Seeds & Uprooted Plants (r826)

Two games in a row now, I’m seeing ghost seeds/uprooted plants. They read as being in the inventory, but they can’t be placed or sold and they do not appear when I go searching through the inventory containers or around on the ground anywhere. I’m seeing it predominantly in the RC side of the game. I have not yet checked Ascendancy side to ascertain if it carries over.

It seems to start with the Acacia seeds, which I’m currently experiencing in my re-embarkment game. I tried to plant 3 trees because it said I had three seeds to do so. I have two trees, one ghostly apparition of a tree where the third one is ready to place, and the inventory says I still have one seed to plant. The most recent vendor can’t buy the seed because it’s not in the inventory.

I’ve scoured through all the backpacks of the Hearthlings and no one’s hiding it.

This is a bit of a frustrating issue.

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