How do you make an avatar?

how do you make an avatar for your stone hearth discourse account because when i do it I did it on photoshop and i couldn’t upload it.
please help me!
-gridnick :frowning:

here’s a helpful post, by a really helpful chap… :wink:

edit: note, i was assuming you were asking how to upload, as opposed to actually creating a new avatar… and keep in mind, you can only upload images of these types:

.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

problem is I’ve got a mac and it doesn’t let me upload the picture on photoshop

you might be trying to upload a .psd (photoshop) file… that wont work…

save the image as one of the file types i mentioned above, and give it another go…

ohh thx steveadamo its really helpful :smile:

absolutely! just PM me or @Geoffers747 if you get stuck again with the avatar…

have fun! :smile:

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