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I love customizers. I just thought of something really cool: A stone hearth character customizer. I know this is not happening anytime soon, and probably will never happen, but i thought it would be cool to maybe be able to customize a character, as in choose hair, profession, gender, name(everyone knows Mer Burlyhands, I’m saying maybe you could do Brom Burlyhands or something.), and other things Radient will probably add in the future to characters. Anyway, just thought it would be an interesting concept to think about.

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We’ve already been promised all of this! :smile: Just not quite like you’re imagining.

Basically, what will happen is that when your people spawn, they will randomly be male or female, almost certainly at equal ratio. They will then go through the possibilities for skin colour and hair type (for men there is also facial hair) and you have a unique character. You can rename this character to whatever you like, I believe. And you can influence them to be whichever profession you’d like too. It’s not exactly what you meant, as you have to wait for the character with the look you desire to actually arrive in your game, but if the character does arrive, you can definitely customise it, customisability being one of Radiant’s focus points.

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No, It is what I meant!!! Cool! The only thing really different is that it would be a separate piece of software, not in game. But really cool. Thx for telling me.

good point @Smokestacks… I have a feeling there’s a similar thread floating around… 2 internet points to the person who locates it… :smile:

I think I already did. Did it have to do with swords?

This one? or should I keep looking…

hmm… thats a good thread… the quote from radiant is a good reminder…

but perhaps i was mistaken… this OP seems like a unique question, although @Smokestacks pretty much answered it right out of the gate… :+1: