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(sorry for the title but your message-writing interface wouldn’t let me click Create Topic otherwise - very strange)

Is there or will there be a way to upload an avatar like in a “normal” forum?

The profile page redirected me to a Grav-something service where I’m supposedly able to do this… but no such luck.

As soon as I entered my email address they wanted my to register with yet another service and at that point I just stopped.

Any hope for a more classic solution such as uploading (or linking from my site!) an avatar to the place I am registering with?

You make Wordpress sound like some shady site trying to steal your info. I did find having to use Gravatar annoying and didn’t remember having to sign in through wordpress when I made an account back in the day. But it isn’t really that much of a hassle.

I guarantee you’ll have to go through far fewer steps than I had to in order to get access to my account again.

I’d like to have custom avatar uploads, too, but it’s unfortunately not supported by Discourse yet. For now, I’m afraid Gravitar is all we’ve got.

Once i have made the account, how long does it take until this discourse picks my new Avatar from gravatar?? I’ve made the change a few hours ago.
Thank you!

Do you have the same email linked with gravatar and your discourse login? If so it shouldn’t take too long …

ok!! it’s done!! i think it actualizased it between resets :p; there has been a lot of resets, but it looks much faster anyway.