How can I change my avatar?


I can’t find an option in my preferences for changing my avatar. Can anybody point me to where? I see other users with avatars that aren’t automatically generated.


You need to head over to [url] Gravatar.[/url] Create an account, make sure the email you use is the same one you log in to the discourse with and change the avatar over there, that should then update it on here.

Try that, and if it’s still not working let me know!


thank you. Wish I didn’t have to create an account on a separate site just for an avatar though.


I agree with you @Viruzzz that’s the reason I haven’t done it yet.


Gravatar works with all WordPress installations. So whenever you are using the same email in a Blog, to comment or join the forum, you will have an Avatar already set. You can also manage more than one email-address with one Gravatar-Account. So… at least you get some value out of this additional “effort” :wink:


Gravatar is heaven. I shame all websites without it. Having to set an avatar for every single stinking page is outrageous. Sure, its a bit inconvienient to have to make an account just for an avatar, but then not having to set your avatar for tons of pages, thats really nice.


It would be fine if it was an option. But if there is no other way to change an avatar, I think that’s a bad system.


I didn’t like it when i first had to sign up for it. It annoyed me i needed two accounts. That was a few months ago and since then i have grown to like it abit more. there’s been a few websites that hive signed up for and automatically giving me my avatar in the correct size/format through gravatar, so its probably saved effort in the long run.

Plus its always nice to see Brain Blessed appear on my new accounts and surprise me.


Thanks This Helped Me A lot Well it saved some time !!!
Lets say a lot of time


Just letting you know guys that I’ve recently added support for custom avatar. If it has been enabled by your forum administrator, you should see an option to change it on your preference page :wink:


@zogstrip Great feature, but seems like it is not enabled yet on this forum here.


@zogstrip a new Discourse team member? Or just new to the best forums ever in the history of everything Stonehearth page? :smile:


@Smokestacks He is just new here… on the meta-forum he is an active member of the team for quite some time as it seems.


and unfortunately, not a part of the admin group… otherwise he would have flipped the requisite switches… :smile:


Short update on that one… so with the last update of the forum, you can also update the Avatar via your profile (“Edit Preferences”).

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yes sir, indeed! with the upgrade to, we now have the option for custom (non animated) avatars… :+1:

Step 1: Click your avatar in the top right
Step 2: Click the Preferences link

Step 3: Click the pencil icon next to your avatar

Step 4: Click the Upload button, and browse for a custom image

How do you make an avatar?
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