How do i bypass this error?

alright guys…everytime i use the custom builder editor, i get an error…even if it’s a simple barn…i seem to get it everytime i use the custom block function…the icon that has one cube and then 2 cubes stacked next to it which conjoin to form a “.:” type of shape. is there a way to bypass it? i am trying to make custome buildings and showcase them on my channel to see if it will help me earn more subscribers and views and maybe encourage more people to try out stonehearth but this error prevents me from doing any of that…in order to have a video that shows a building being built…first you must be able to make the schematic for the building.

is there a debug or a tutorial or anything to fix the issue?

please respond as fast as possible anyone who knows how to help!

The building editor has some fairly significant problems. It’s very much a work in progress. I can name a few things that may break a building, but I haven’t played around with buildings enough to know all the things that could break them.

Here are some hints that may help:

  • Be careful with the block tool. It’s a relatively new addition, so it’s still got plenty of bugs in it.
  • Be careful with upper levels of buildings. Again, it’s a relatively new addition, so still plenty of bugs to be found.
  • Making upper levels that are smaller than lower levels and then using the roof tool on that lower level can cause problems.
  • Making upper levels that overhang the upper level can also cause problems.
  • Be careful with adding and erasing things constantly while building. You are more likely to get a useful stable building if you plan it out “on paper” or “in your head” before making it in the game. Even if you manage to design something and save it as a template, it may not work correctly when you load it again.
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i never had this problem earlier with my builds, its just for the past 4 days, it’s been like this and progressively getting worse and more constant. (I wonder if i need to uninstall and reinstall or something).

i’ve built these in the past with no issues at all and now i can’t even make a rectanglular prism with a flat roof

(i could never build this one because all of the scaffolding caused tremendous lag that would crash the game…and then my pc)