Engine Error while building unorthodox building

Whilst playing, I received a VERY quick flash of a debug screen that was named “Engine Error”, before it vanished. I was luckily able to pull up the .log and find a summery of the error.


While building a structure of unusual shape and size, I received a quick error, then was unable to build. HOWEVER, after hitting the “build” button in the editor, my citizens restarted work on the building.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a building using only floors and custom floor blocks, as far as I can tell.

Expected Results:

Building to build as normal.

Actual Results:

An error that seemingly did nothing of note(?) to the process.

Here is the error in the .log file for reference: Error Stonehearth no.1.txt (3.3 KB)


My builders with continue building until what seems like a random point in the construction, then will cease to build any further.

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